Parisian Hotel South Beach | South Beach Hotel Reviews 2022

Parisian Hotel South Beach is a luxurious hotel located along 1510 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Its beauty coupled with the affordability of the prices and excellent services make it a perfect place to visit, stay in, and enjoy life. 

The hotel is within the South Beach neighborhood, which offers beautiful views of the magical scenery all around. These views are available on discount of up to 50 percent during the hot Miami summer days. 

Further, Parisian Hotel South Beach offers tons of exceptionally stunning services that include car rental and sightseeing tours to mention a few. It also has a wide range of rooms and suites for clients’ selection.

parisian hotel south beach exterior

First Glance: Parisian Hotel South Beach

At a glance, Parisian Hotel South Beach has wide-ranging offers. Double rooms, single rooms, and deluxe suites are a few of the types of accommodation clients are guaranteed of here. 

It is next to wide beaches on the southern side of Miami. The beaches offer perfect spaces for relaxing during the summer. Here, you can embark on activities such as surfing and beach volleyball among others.

With close to 100 staffs available, clients are guaranteed topnotch services. A couple of restaurants on the premises also provide more choices of places to take a bite or quench thirst.

parisian hotel south beach lobby

Parisian Hotel South Beach Amenities

One of the primary amenities at Parisian Hotel South Beach is the availability of spa and beautician. However, this featured service is available on request. Professional beauticians and massage therapists are available to make the clients’ stay unforgettable. 

The hotel also offers a restaurant where clients get an opportunity to eat and drink to their heart’s satisfaction. The food available at the hotel is both fresh and delicious. Mexican and South Indian cuisine are a few examples of dishes available at the hotel.

More importantly, the hotel accepts all pets. This pet-friendly establishment has plenty of parking available. Clients can enjoy excellent room service in their air-conditioned rooms. 

Clients who enjoy their drinks can visit the bar at the hotel to enjoy a sip of their favorite drinks. Apart from these amenities, the hotel offers housekeeping services too in addition to free Wi-Fi. A friendly receptionist is always available 24/7 too. 

Whether you speak English, Dutch, or Spanish you can find someone who understands your language at the facility. That’s because the management of the Parisian Hotel has hired multilingual personnel.

Fast Facts | 46 ROOMS | 3 FLOORS

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parisian hotel south beach room

The Rooms: Parisian Hotel South Beach

The rooms at this facility are not only spacious but also fresh. They are full of the comforts that clients need to enjoy themselves too. Parisian Hotel South Beach has three primary types of rooms. These are: 

  1. Single Rooms
  2. Double Rooms
  3. Deluxe Rooms (Suites)

Each room has air conditioning, clean bed sheets, satellite channels, and 42-inch flat-screen TVs. The bathrooms are full of free toiletries, hair dryers, shower and tub combinations, and fresh towels. 

All the hotel’s 46 rooms are in exceptionally fantastic quality. They feature modern amenities that make your stay at the hotel as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Each room has a coffee maker to keep you warm and highly motivated too.

Dining Options In and Around The Hotel

Parisian Hotel South Beach has a wide range of marvelous dining options. Some of these options are within the hotel while the rest are not more than a 3-minute walk away. A few of these dining options include: 

  1. The Front Porch Café
  2. Aroma Espresso Bar
  3. Lure Fishbar
  4. Havana 1957
  5. Blocks Pizza Deli

The Front Porch Café is the closest since it only takes a client two minutes to get there from the hotel. All the remaining four options are not more than three minutes away on foot either. 

Alternatively, you can always visit the hotel’s common area for a cup of coffee or tea. The coffee makers in the rooms allow you to prepare your favorite cup of coffee as well. You are free to order your favorite meal through room service too.

parisian hotel south beach

Final Thoughts: Parisian Hotel South Beach

Is the Parisian Hotel South Beach worth your time? Yes, it is because of the limitless comfort, amenities, and quality of services offered. The location of the hotel makes it easily accessible from the city center too. 

The choice of deluxe, single, and double rooms caters to the needs of all types of clients as well. Therefore, call (305) 538-7464 today to book your room at the hotel during the hot summer days to enjoy savings of up to 50 percent. 

  • ADDRESS: 1510 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • PHONE: (305) 538-7464

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